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Hi! My name is Jessica Holland. I have pink and blue hair, and I am not your typical photographer. I first picked up a camera when  was a teenager and now I am 38, so I have 20 years experience. I also went to college to study Photojournalism, Biology, and Chemistry. I have a couple awards for my work. I love watching children bloom into adults and our goal is to capture every moment so you have enduring memories. I have loved photography since the moment I first picked up a camera, when I was a teenager. In college, I studied the art of photography and film developing. My goal is to tell your story, your way.

I am fueled by my passion for people and watching their lives bloom, from children blooming into adults, to couples blooming into marriages. I love celebrating every moment with you to be able to capture lasting memories for you and your family.

A little about myself, I love my cat. He has no tail, and is a mess, but we love him. I have a son who is turning 11, where has the time gone? I am also married to my husband, Justin, who owns The Broken Apple, which fixes phones, laptops, you know it. 

You may notice I do my sessions a little different, I use notecards to help me pose. This also opens the door to allow my clients to send me photos they like and I can incorporate their ideas as well. In fact, sometimes I ask them to make a pinterest board so we are both on the same page. This helps me as well, because I have severe anxiety and PTSD, so having a plan beforehand benefits me and you so we know what we are doing when your session gets here. 

I absolutely love hearing your ideas, the more creative the better! I will do everything I can to accomodate any props (including your animals) to make you session that much more special!

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